Our sports software and sensor-based technologies empower sports medicine professionals and athletes to objectively quantify and monitor human movement and physiology in ways that were previously thought impossible.

Impellia prides itself on its scientifically-validated research and methodologies that yield innovation with purpose.

Our goal is to provide personalized, actionable data to our users that improves athletic outcomes.


Prairi analyzes exertion data with proprietary algorithms to offer actionable player performance and readiness insight in simple metrics.


JROMS quantifies and tracks joint range of motion derived from functional assessment screening and exercises in order to identify issues with biomechanics.


The Pivot image analysis software analyzes the knee motion derived from the Pivot Shift Test and calculates the translation curve in near real-time.


StrikeFoot accurately quantifies a rich data set of foot and gait parameters used to identify biomechanical asymmetries that impact injury risks and performance.


A personalized nutritional planning, notification and monitoring software based upon personal metabolism and athletic/fitness goals.


Data driven, metabolic evaluation software that identifies personal training zones and provides the basis for a individualized exercise regimen.


Visyter provides a secure, integrated tele-rehabilitation tool for video communication and a centralized hub for the sports medicine staff to update, monitor and update athlete compliance and recovery.


The Injury Tracking System enables sports medicine professionals to capture contemporaneous injury data of athletes for use in deeper analytics and monitoring.

Data from the field, not a lab.

Our products are disruptive, mobile and capable of collecting robust field data. We are building an unparalleled database of bio-mechanical and physiological feedback that will provide comprehensive human performance analytics. Ultimately, this leads to advanced injury prevention, smarter rehabilitation and performance optimization.

Performance, Prevention, Rehabilitation, Technology.

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