Product Summary

Joint Range of Motion Evaluation

JROMS quantifies and tracks joint range of motion derived from functional assessment screening and exercises in order to identify issues with biomechanics.

  • IMU Wearable Sensors
    Greater accuracy and repeatability of joint measurements compared to optical sensors.
  • Repeatability
    The use of sensors and proprietary algorithms allow for correct placement and repeatable, accurate measurement.
  • Compliance
    Tracks rehab exercise reps/sets, quality of rep and adherence to individualized rehab plan.
  • Movement Screen Evaluation
    Evaluates several of the most popular functional movement screens – objectively.
  • Automatic Comparison
    Assessments are captured and stored in the cloud. Future assessments are compared to previous tests to measure progress.
  • Customizable Benchmarks
    Staffs can set desired goals for the team or an individual. Personalized rehabilitation protocols can be set and monitored.
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