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Biomechanical Screening

Flag Deficiencies Before They Become An Issue

Load Monitoring

Be Alerted to Changes in Fatigue and Fitness

Sports Nutrition

Personalize fueling and recovery needs with integrated data


Other insights include:

  • Program Training
  • Tailor Recovery
  • Evaluate Player Rotations
  • Evaluate Player Profile/Scheme Fit


  • Engage Players in Rehab
  • Plan Pre, Within, & Post-Session Nutrition
  • Plan & Monitor Interventions
  • Return To Play Monitoring


  • Performance Readiness
    Prairi analyzes exertion data with proprietary algorithms to offer actionable player performance and readiness insight in simple metrics.
  • Straight-Forward Information
    Intuitive UI-UX and smart data visualization helps professionals comprehend complex data into usable, standardized information.
  • Team & Individual Dynamics
    Allows for deep team or individual athlete insights across sessions, weeks, or seasons.
  • Injury Prevention Analytics
    Analyzes biomechanical & physiological data from the Impellia platform and provides red flags for fatigue and injury.
  • Extensible Design
    Prairi is designed to include new data sets from 3rd party technologies and future Impellia products, thus enhancing long-term value.
  • Device Agnostic
    Prairi can incorporate data from 3rd party sources and, in many ways, enhance that data or create new insights.
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