Mobile Gait & Foot Pressure Monitoring

StrikeFoot accurately quantifies a rich data set of foot and gait parameters used to identify biomechanical asymmetries that impact injury risks and performance.

  • Mobility
    Lightweight form factor uses Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity to transmit gait and foot pressure data to your tablet.
  • Foot Loading
    Provides unique insights with foot pressure mapping and loading while “in the field” instead of a mat or treadmill.
  • Wearable
    StrikeFoot slips into the athletes shoes without impacting the fit. Therefore its quick and easy to capture data frequently and accurately in the field.
  • Dual Modality
    Combines both foot pressure metrics and stride dynamics synced for more accurate tracking of high speed athletic movements
  • Sports Specific
    Different sports have different focus areas when it comes to gait and foot pressure. StrikeFoot provides sports specific metrics to simplify information and comprehension.
  • Tracking
    Real-time analysis or post work-out analysis options add tremendous flexibility.
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