Telerehab & Secure Video Communication

Visyter provides a secure, integrated tele-rehabilitation tool for video communication and a centralized hub for the sports medicine staff to update, monitor and update athlete compliance and recovery.

  • Dynamic Bandwidth
    Visyter’s software is designed to connect up to 7 video chat participants and can adjust to areas with limited bandwidth.
  • Interactive
    Promotes real-time communication between key stakeholders involved in athletes rehabilitation and monitoring.
  • EMR Connectivity
    Can connect with EMR systems or provide cloud-base storage of relevant athlete injury information.
  • HIPAA Compliant
    Built-in encryption and security to protect sensitive information.
  • Integration
    Integrates with the Impellia platform thus enabling greater utilization of products data and insight information.
  • Portal
    In addition to adding telemedicine flexibility to the Impellia portfolio, Visyter can also serve as a secure portal to view all Impellia team/player information.
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